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chunhui Chorus Introduction

The American Chunhui Chorus was established in March 2019, with the renowned composer and conductor Mr. Derun Gao at the helm. His spouse, the celebrated soprano Ms. Zhi Jiang, serves as the vocal instructor and artistic director.

Chorus Director/Conductor and Vocal/Artistic Director

Derun Gao 高德润

Founder,Director & Conductor

Derun Gao, Graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music, he served as conductor and composer in Beijing’s Central Song and Dance Ensemble from 1977 to 1990. During this period, he published many musical works,  and published more than 20 kinds of records and audio-visual works. In 1992, he obtained a master’s degree in composition from West Chester University School of Music. In 1994, he won the title of Delaware State Composer of the Year for his No. 1 String Quartet .

高德润, 毕业于中央音乐学院,1977年至1990年在北京中央歌舞团担任指挥,作曲。期间发表多首音乐作品。并出版唱片,音像作品20余种。1992年取得West Chester university 音乐学院的作曲硕士学位。1994年凭第一弦乐四重奏获得Delaware state 年度作曲家称号。

Zhi Jiang 姜志

Vocal/Artistic Director

Jiang Zhi has been under the tutelage of famous vocal experts such as Jin Tielin, Li Guyi, Liu Shufang, etc. She also studied at the China Conservatory of Music from 1986 to 1988. Jiang Zhi has participated in various large-scale concerts and various music programs of the TV stations. She published singing albums and collections as well  sang many theme songs for film and television. She has successfully held her solo recital in 2000.

姜 志 师从金铁林, 李谷一,刘淑芳等著名声乐专家. 并于1986-1988 年间在中国音乐学院专业进修. 1981 参加 “在希望的田野上”音乐会开始, 每年均应邀参加各种大型音乐会, 如 “花的原野”,“绿云里的歌” “春之声” “五月的鲜花”“跳动的旋律”,“中国名曲大汇唱”等. 参加过多家电视台的春节及各种音乐节目. 出版有演唱专集及多种合集, 并于2000年成功举办个人独唱音乐会。